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How To Shop

How to shop in Azhar Online Store:

  1. Create a new account if you are not yet registered, or login  if you have been registered.
  2. You have to agree on our terms and conditions before you register.
  3. You can start shopping by choosing and clicking the item that you want and decide the amount of the item. In addition, you can choose the currency, methods of delivery and payment.
  4. After finish shopping, please  check-out and double check your shopping basket and proceed to the next steps as shown on the screen. 
  5. Congratulations! You have successfully completed all necessary steps to shop in Azhar Online Store.

In case Azhar Online Store cannot be accessed due to some technical probelms, you can place your order by using one of the following methods.

1. Call Azhar shop on the following numbers

    a. Monday - Friday (10.00 - 19.00): 092-651 4303 or 092-651 4305 or 080-3224-3004 (softbank)

    b. Saturday (10.00 - 17.00): 092-651 4303 or 092-651 4305

    c. Sunday or public holidays (10.00 - 19.00): 092-651 4303 or 092-651 4305

2. Send a fax at anytime to: 092-651 4306

3. Send us email at anytime to: order@azhar.jp

4. Send us SMS at anytime to: 080-3223-3004 (softbank)


Please note that we do not ship orders on Saturdays or any other public holidays but we still take orders with the above mentioned methods. Any orders coming to Azhar on Saturdays or any other public holidays, they will be sent on the following working day, inshaAllah.