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About Us

Azhar Halal Foods Company had been serving Muslim Community in Japan since 1992.

Azhar is the first company which:

  1. started  halal chicken slaughtering in Fukuoka (1992)
  2. slaughtered cow in Kyushu (1994)
  3. exported halal wagyu to Middle East (2007)

Eko Fajar Nurprasetyo Ph.D. is the founding father of Azhar Company. He is an Indonesian muslim who had been serving the muslim community in Japan from long time ago since he was a student of Kyushu University. He was also the head of the Fukuoka Masjid project from the beginning of the project.

Current Management

Director : Safitri (Ms)

Store Manager :

Our policies:

  1. We always guarante the halal-ness of our products.
  2. We are open!! You can even make an examinations on our method if you like.
  3. We are listening! We always do our best to preserve the freshest- possible meat to our costumer.
  4. We are an 100% muslim-owned business